AFDC League Management System

The wait is finally going to end. The official kickstart of RGSoC on July 1. Now that we are on a serious track as we have got an important project to complete within three months. Right now our team is busy organizing meetups and having the regular sessions with coaches and we are in the process of sorting the tasks and deciding the timeline.

So here goes a brief description of my project.

AFDC League Management system is a Ruby on Rails application which is used by the Atlanta Flying Disc Club, Georgia to manage league registrations, rosters, schedules, and result tracking. This application runs on Docker (a container technology for Linux).

We have been assigned Pete Holiday as our mentor and Rafał Cieślak as our supervisor. Feeling happy for getting the chance to work under the guidance of amiable and experienced people like them.

In the coming days, we will be working on the tasks, writing blogs in the “teams app” and attending meetups.

Bundledore will be back with more updates soon 🙂




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