RGSoC 2017- Most awaited result !!!


Last Sunday, I was traveling in a crowded bus, completely exhausted. I couldn’t even check my phone as it was left somewhere in my bag. Suddenly, my friend called me on my sister’s phone and asked me to check my mail. I was so afraid to check, a mix of thoughts went through my mind, would that mail be something important, any internals published?? another SSOC assignment?? Any new works that have to be completed immediately?? I was too curious to open the mail. Ah!it just got opened and Woah!! its the mail from Rails Girls team with a great news, “Your team has been selected for RGSoC”. I screamed and someone was staring at me by watching the sudden reaction. I checked my phone, lots of missed calls and messages, yeah, I was the last one to know the good news. My teammate was repeatedly calling me and I couldn’t call back due to the poor signal. Once I got back to my home, I answered my calls. This was unbelievable. Exactly 2 weeks back, the results of RGSoC was announced and I was so downhearted reading the rejection mail. In that temper, we emailed them back explaining how well our team was totally good at all their requirements. We didn’t  expect a reply from them. But it is too surprising to get a positive reply from the community. We were indeed lucky to get an empty spot for our secondary project, “AFDC League Management System”. Yeah, at last, we did it 🙂  It’s wonderful to get the result of your hard work after the wait of two long years. So everything is set for the coming three month’s coding season with the target of enhancing our project and making it a great success. Cheers to our team, “Bundledore” with the coolest and amazing coaches Alfred, Mukesh, and Aishwarya. So here comes our team to crack RGSoC 2017…