123After the weeks of excitement and long wait, finally  I packed my bags and started off my journey to Le Meridian, Kochi for my first talk at RubyConfIndia 2017. From the day of acceptance of my CFP, I was little tensed and worried about the talk as I was the only one newbie among the established speakers in the event. And moreover, my task was to motivate the beginners. But I was all determined to face it.

I reached the venue at evening and checked into the rooms. The luxurious stay at Le Meridian, all free of cost, that was really a cool chance. I met my roomie, a delegate working in Josh software, Pune. She was a speaker for the last year. We chitchatted for a while. It was 7 ‘o clock already, so we stepped downstairs to get some food. A party was going on there. I met many random people. Most of them were developers and professionals. I could meet only 5 or 6 students. All of them were enjoying the party and I was busy talking to speakers and developers. I met the main organizers of the event, a team of experienced Ruby enthusiasts and had a casual conversation with them about the past Ruby meetups. After some time we headed off to have the five-course dinner.

Next day, I wake up late and had to hurry up for the conference. The first talk was the most awaited one, by Yukihiro Matsumoto, the Ruby language designer.He talked about the importance of a community for programmers. Matz (as he is called) is one of the coolest personality that I have met. He is so down to earth. After the talk, I had a face to face conversation with Matz after which we clicked some selfies together.

A series of speeches, unconference sessions and lightning talks were held. The speaker list includes ruby developers like Shashank Date, Adam Hawkins, Richard Schneeman, Vipul A M and so on.Each talk was unique and interesting.

The first day was really good. I got to meet many ruby developers and rails enthusiasts. The most amazing element was having the conversation with Matz, which created a great impact on me.

It is the second day and is an important day for me as I was giving my first talk in such a splendid platform. I was asked to edit my slides an hour before my talk. I was tensed to the core. But the people around supported me and made me feel calm. I would say that the rails community is the best. Just after the declaration of Ruby Award Hero award bagged by  Sameer Deshmukh, I was called to the dais for my talk. Once I was on the dais in front of  500 people, I felt a rush of energy in me. I started my presentation on “How to get started with Ruby on Rails” and shared my experience from the perspective of a newbie to motivate the beginners to come forward with contributions. I was so happy to get good reviews on my talk.

Soon after that, we dispersed for lunch. I met a couple of developers working on ruby based firm, they gave me a good feedback for the talk and suggested the necessary areas where I have to improve. That was a motivating input for me. The activities followed include unconference sessions by Aaron Cruz and Richard Schneeman. I would like to tag the session as the most unique one I had ever seen. Aaron and Richard came up with an outstanding performance on the dais. I was totally into it and didn’t recognize that the event was about to end. After the vote of thanks, we collected the goodies and bid goodbye to each other.

I convey my thanks and regards to the organizers of the event Mr.Satish Talim and Prathamesh Sonapatki for giving me the opportunity to talk at the event. The support from the awesome sponsors: Kerala Ruby Users GroupGO-JEK, Josh Software, BigBinary, MavenHive, Red Panthers and Amura made the event successful. Above all, the backbone of the event, the vibrant ruby community which supports the people of all skill levels… I feel delighted to be the part of the community. I feel proud to say this along with others ” Matz is Nice, So We Are Nice”.