A visit to AMMACHI Labs

AMMACHI Labs (Amrita Multi-Modal Applications and Computer Human Interaction), an exceptional name of the academic and research center at Amrita University. It is a repository of innovative ideas to empower the lives of the people in the society.

This is the very first time I visited the lab and it was a great experience for me to get a chance to get to know about the various projects ongoing there. Being computer science students we always had this question on why should we learn all about motors and circuits in our first year. But all my questions got its answer by this visit. Any sophisticated technology works with the integration of mechanics, electronics, and programming. The projects associated with the lab are the real proofs of the statement. As the name suggests, the lab focuses on developing the applications with computer-human interaction.

Haptics technology:

Haptics creates a sense of touch for the user by the application of force or motion. This   technology is used to develop applications to assist the employees in areas like carpentry training, medical, construction, e.t.c.

Learning programming from scratch:

Introducing the concept of programming to the children through a simple game. Through this, children can approach programming through a different perspective of problem-solving. By solving real life scenarios through a game will help them to develop their skills.

Virtual reality devices:

Experiencing something which is not real, sounds illusory, but it became possible with the use of technology. HTC Vive is one such device which provides a virtual reality experience through games. It gives a  360˚ coverage and is equipped with wireless navigation controllers .There are also sensors  which detect the motion of the player in the bounded region.

3D and Leap motion:

Leap motion  is a technology which allows users to control their computers with hand gestures alone. The motion of the hand in detected by infrared sensors and this input is received by the computer software with which the activity is controlled.

My Sangham:

My Sangham, an educational portal for women in the rural areas is an inspiring initiative to support the women empowerment. This contains videos of different activities in a collection of languages for the users  to make them self-dependent and strong.

Robotics in Medicine:

Robot-assisted surgery,  which allows doctors to perform surgeries with more precision, and less complexity. The Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences is the first hospital in India to use robotic technology for neurosurgery. ROSA,  the technology which gives robotic assistance  to Epilepsy and similar cancerous diseases. The robot helps in detecting the correct path through which the electrodes are injected into the cranial area for the surgery.

There are much more vibrant projects associated with AMMACHI labs. To know more about it visit : http://ammachilabs.org/






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