Creating a simple “Hello world” application on Android Studio

Android Studio is the  IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for android application development.We will be working on Android studio to make our first application “Hello world”.First, download the Linux SDK from the Android website.

Copy it to some location and unzip it to extract the contents.

sudo apt-get install unzip

sudo tar xvzf

Open a terminal from the location

cd android-studio-ide-135.1641136-linux

Run the following command to load the android studio.


Once Android Studio is launched , we need to mention JDK path in the installer.If JDK is not pre-installed,it is possible to install it from there.Go to next and specify the JDK path.After that select the components required to build the application which includes Android Studio,Android SDK,Android Virtual Machine and performance (Intel chip).In the next option,we need to give the path for Android studio and android SDK.Next,you will be asked to specify the RAM space for Android emulator.It is 512 MB by default.The final step is the extraction of SDK package into our machine.After its successful completion,click on finish button.

The Android Studio Setup Wizard appears.Select new application and name it.Then we need to give the minimum SDK requirements.In the next step,select a blank activity.This opens a development tool for our application.

Go to  App>res>layout>Activity_main.xml

In the design area, drag a text view widget and type “Hello world” in it.

We can test our application either by creating a virtual Android device or by connecting a phone to USB debugging(developer) mode.

Connect to the device.Run the application.You will see the “Hello world” message in it.


YaaY!you have made your first android application.Play with Android studio and explore it to depth 🙂




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