Rails Girls workshop ,Kollam(2016)

As a part of the Rails Girls event , my friends and I got an opportunity to conduct a Rails Girls workshop on April 6th,2016 at Amrita School of Engineering, Kollam. The event was focussed on the introduction the basics of ruby and rails framework to the students and motivating them to contribute to the open source community.


There were  30 participants.Registration was on the spot.Everyone was given a P.C and a decent internet connection.The participants were really enthusiastic and many of them were confident enough to explain the questions given to them about the main topics discussed in the workshop.They gave a good feedback about the event.

Topics discussed:

The workshop started with the explanation of MVC architecture.The workflow of the elements in MVC was clearly explained with the help of diagrams and flowcharts.Then an introduction to Ruby on Rails was given which figured out the advantages of Rails over the other frameworks.

Then students were asked to kick start their lessons of coding in tryruby.org which was very helpful for them as it made the learning easier.Then there was the “Rails app making” session where they were guided to make an application on rails from scratch.It was an application  where we could update our name and status of work.The main tutorials followed were “Getting started with rails” and “Learn Web Development with Rails” written by Michael Hartl.


The workshop was taken by Ms.Aishwarya Subramanian and Ms.Avani Lodaya,former RGSoC participants, and developers.They took the session in a very interesting manner.It was fully fun loaded.The participants actively gave responses and clarified their doubts.


The organizing team included Amrita Reghunath ,Amrita Nair,Aparna Gireesaan and myself.The team was co-operative and friendly.It was fun to work with them.

We were really excited to conduct the workshop.This is the first time that we are organizing a workshop and yeah, it came out to be a great success with God’s grace.We would like to thank everyone who supported us to make it happen .




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