Net Neutrality-“SAVE THE INTERNET”

What is Net Neutrality?

It means that internet should allow everyone to communicate freely.It should allow the users to access all contents and applications regardless of source.No webpages should be blocked as long as they are not illegal.All websites should be accessible at the same speed and we don’t have to pay extra for internet speed to a particular website.

Global Communication

Global Communication

What is the role of Net Neutrality in shaping the Internet?

Users are free to access whatever web service they want.This made Internet grow into a truly global network.It allowed the users to freely express themselves.This means that one can even criticize a internet service provider(ISP) on a blog post. ISP’s wont restrict the post even though it may be against  them.

What will Happen if there is no Net Neutrality?

If there is no Net Neutrality ISP’s will be able to charge the access to some websites.Also,there will be different connection speed for different types of contents.

What is the importance of Net Neutrality?

Net Neutrality is extremely important for startup companies and  small business owners who can launch their business online and advertise their products.It helps to create job opportunities.Big companies like google have born out of Net Neutrality.

netneutrality (1)

What is the state of Net Neutrality in India?

Legally concept of Net Neutrality doesn’t exist in India. TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has tried to come up with several rules regarding Net Neutrality.But no formal rules have been formed yet.





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